Expert Solved The Diarrhea problems In Veal, Dairy And Beef Calves…!

“Discover How You Can Treat And Cure Calf Scours In Your Herd And How You Can Prevent New Outbreaks Without Much Costs and Effort…”

basic ebook of treatment and prevention of calf diarrhea




Having experience in fattening veal and beef calves plus rearing newborn dairy calves for more than 20 years makes me know what I am talking about.
There is a lot of information you can find on the internet about calf diarrhea, I searched for that information too… but I couldn’t find anyone who could talk from personal experience. The only thing I could find came from universities, Vets and pharmaceutical companies.
I do know from personal experience that when you have problems with diarrhea in your calves, which are to become your future herd, it has a big impact on your day to day farming.
You wonder what caused the diarrhea (or scours) in your calf. You have a lot of extra work and when you think you got them through all the problems, they die anyway.
Not to mention the extra costs you have on medicines and the Vet.
Later on you have to decide whether or not your heifers are still suitable as a future cow.

I was born and raised on a dairy farm in the Netherlands. After finishing an agricultural education I started to work on a farm with 650 veal calves and 100 beef bulls.
On this farm I learned the trade the hard way. I got two weeks training on how to feed veal and beef calves plus how to recognize potential diseases.
After that the owner of the farm left it in my hands to fatten these calves on my own. An adviser from the feed company visited me for about half an hour every week to give me tips how to treat sick calves.
I owe this man a lot, because he taught me all the ins and outs of fattening veal and beef calves. In those years I learned to recognize and cure all different kinds of diseases, especially scours and calves with lung problems.

To cure the diarrhea I developed a protocol that worked as a guideline for me. I could almost predict when a calf got sick and what kind of problems it was going to have. I quickly recognized if I was dealing with neonatal-, nutritional scours or scours caused by bacteria, viruses or protozoa.

By recognizing diarrhea in an early stage and following my protocol I was able to minimize the problems my calves were facing and got them up and running in no time again.

Now I want to share my expertise with you!

I have made an eBook for you in which I’ll give you all the ins and outs I’ve learned.

Discover how you also:

  • Can identify in an early stage when a calf is about to get diarrhea.
  • Know what you have to do then.
  • Can identify different kinds of diarrhea.
  • Keep your calves active so they will keep drinking.
  • Know when diarrhea usually starts.
  • Can treat and cure diarrhea.
  • Know what the most common causes are.
  • Know what you can do after the problems are over again.
  • Can prevent getting scours in the future.
  • And much more…

OK Joost, I want to start with this right now! How do I proceed?

When you invest in my book you’ll have instant access, since this is an eBook. An eBook is a digital file in PDF format which you can download instantly and thus have direct access to all the valuable information.

You don’t have to wait for a physical book, you don’t have to pay shipping costs and it is environmental friendly!

Imagine if you could save just one calf with the information contained in this eBook! How much would that be worth to you?

$50, $100, $150?

So, this eBook is worth this much already, if only you can save just one calf!
And believe me, you will  save more calves if you follow my guidelines!!

But I am not asking $150 for my eBook. Not even $100!

I should ask $50 for it, but I am not.

For a short time, I am selling this ebook for just $17.00!

I am giving this ebook away!!!

Why, you might ask? I just want to know from you if this eBook is as good as I think it is.

All you have to do for the time being is to send me an email why you need to have this eBook and I will send it to you right away! I do hope you will send me a note of what you think of this eBook.

So, hurry before I change my mind again and take this insane offer away!!

Beside this valuable eBook, as a bonus, I will give you two extra eBooks (Worth at least $74.00) completely free of charge!

In these eBooks:

  • I’ve done a lot of research on the causes of diarrhea.
  • I’ll also give you lot’s of extra background information on diarrhea with both veal calves as well as breeding and beef calves.
  • And if this is not enough I’ll tell you exactly where you can find a lot of information on the internet, so you don’t have to search for it yourself. I’ve done that already for you.

background information on treatment and prevention of calf diarrheaCure Calf-Diarrhea, Background information.

In this eBook you can find extra information on other causes and symptoms of scours and how to deal with it. You can also find tips and what the active substances in medicines plus additives are that help to cure diarrhea in your calves.

Added to each subject are links to relevant websites, so you can quickly find an enormous amount of background information and tips on the internet.

In order to help you to document and follow the progress of curing the scours in your calves I’ve made an Excel spreadsheet program. If you have a pocket pc or a mobile phone with Windows Mobile on it, you can upload this program to it.

Spreadsheet program for managing the progress of calf diarrhea

Manage your herd.

The features of this program:

  • Easy to fill in forms.
  • Immediately calculates the percentage of calves with diarrhea per pen.
  • Day by day overview of the progress of the scours problems.
  • Registration of the used medication and the results of it.
  • Tool to help you make better decisions on how to deal with the diarrhea problems.
  • Possibility to upload to a pocket pc so you have an “on site” tool to monitor the progress.
  • Possibility to print the forms for manual registration.
Yes Joost, send me my copy of the cure calf-diarrhea package now, so I can start immediately curing and preventing scours in my calves!

Price: $17.00





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And if I haven’t convinced you that I’m making you a great value with these EBooks, I’ll make you this offer:

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Naturally you don’t need a refund on something that is for free!!

Why am I doing this? What I really want is to help you out with your problems. And I only want to have satisfied customers.

basic ebook of treatment and prevention of calf diarrhea background information on treatment and prevention of calf diarrhea

Spreadsheet program for managing the progress of calf diarrhea

Price: $17.00


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You’ll be able to download the eBook package immediately. Five minutes from now, you’ll be on your way to start overcoming your scours problems!

After emailing me I’ll send you the eBook package ASAP. Please let me know what you think of the package.

Wishing you all the best,

Joost de Groot.

Wishing you all the best,

Joost de Groot.