Thank you for your interest in the solutions on calf scours that I may have for you.

I was born and raised on a dairy farm in the Netherlands. After finishing my agricultural education I started working on a farm with veal calves and beef bulls. On this farm I gained a lot of experience with calf scours. Farmers in the area where I live know where to find me if they have problems with calf scours. One of them suggested that I should do something with my expertise. For me, that was the reason why I made this site.

On this site I am not going to tell you what you have to do, but I am going to share  my knowledge and insights with you!

I know there are many farmers who also have a lot of experience with calf scours, so I invite you to place any or more comments. Your insights and experience can be of great value to other colleague farmers throughout the world!  This way you and I are able to help as many farmers as possible with their calf  scours problems. As a result, the calves will benefit the most!
Anyway, I have made it my goal to do this.

In order for farmers to get started solving their calf scours problems,I have written an eBook on this subject.
If you want personal advice, you can always contact me.

Yours in helping to solve calf scours problems,
Joost de Groot.